Project examples
12 year old launches a petition
Yellow Girls
Sluts Say Yes
POWER program
Past Patriarchy
Short Film – A Day
Comedy – women in Advertising
Fruit Punch – Zine
Audio Podcast – I am not my hair

Art and movies

Shirin Neshat:

A Stranger in Her City:

Boy I Am – Sam Feder

Fivel Rotheberg
Street Angel, House Devil


Feminist Frequency 
kanye misogyny:


super hero:

Women Make Movies

Catherine Gund

WAM – Women, Action and the Media

Feminist Movie Critique
Feminist Frequency


Youtube – Advocacy
Street Harassment –
Rape –

Youth made/Independent documentary/Advocacy/Media Literacy

Kiri Davis

Coming out

Queer in the City – Youth made video for the Global Action Project

Media ownership/consolidation
Why Don’t Women Have More Power

Rachel Maddow

Melissa Harris Perry


Reel Girls Media Consolidation

Citizen Journalism – For Neda

A Stranger in Her Own City

Mona at J Street 2011

Slideshow project:

Why Don’t Women Have More Power

Rachel Maddow

Melissa Harris Perry

Body Image
34 x 25 x 36 mannequins pbs

on you tube
 wet dreams and false images:
stretch marks:
Dying to be thin – PBS
Kilbourne on Thinness

Jean Kilbourne


merchants of cool



Thank J!
StaceyAnn Chin Feminist or Womanist
All oppression is connected

misogyny media and culture

sexual objectification – Ted Talk – Caroline Heldman

Byron Hurt

Byron Hurt-Beyond Beats to Rhymes

Barack and Curtis

“No Homo”

Representations of Race, Gender, Class
Lucy Lippard
Image by Mary Shaffer of Sampson and Leah Beaver and their daughter Frances Louise

bell hooks – literacy – hoop dreams
OJ Simpson and spectacle

Kiri Davis – A Girl Like Me

Stuart Hall
race the floating signifier

Byron Hurt – Barack & Curtis
Byron Hurt – Beyond Beats and Rhymes

Gender and Culture
Melissa Harris Perry – Sister Citizen: Shame Stereotypes and Black Women in America

Why Black Hair Matters – Melissa Harris Perry

Melissa Harris Perry – 50 years after Feminine Mystique

The Feminine Mystique – quick look –

Coco Channel – clothes and image

John Berger
Ways of Seeing Episode 2

Susan Douglas – Enlightened Feminism

MissRepresentation – trailer

Sheryl Sandberg – Women Leaders CEOs

Tough Guise – Jackson Katz

ill Doctrine – Jay Smooth on The Gay Rapper 

Michael Kimmel

Thomas Keith – The Bro Code


Gender Performance
Butler – gender is performative

Melissa Harris Perry and Kate Bornstein

Gender and Presentation – Men and the Media
Melissa from MissRepresentation

Ways of Seeing – Male gaze and Oppositional Gaze

bell hooks
Cultural Criticism and Transformation
Spike Lee
john berger
Makers – Women Who Make America
Barbara Smith-they don’t act like us

Oprah – someone who looks like you

Day One – Colin Stokes Bechdel test, gender roles, children and movies



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