Week 7 3/15 News Media and Ownership On Blog Group 2 Presents (Jessica, Elizabeth, Stephanie) Final Project Proposal due on Blog

Week 8 3/22 No Readings Due, WORK ON PROJECTS.  In class you will present from your Final Project Proposal post.

Week 9 3/29 Media and Motherhood Readings on Blackboard, Post 4 due,  Group 3 Presents (Siyu, William, Adriana)

Week 10 4/5 Alternative Media, Benedict reading on Blog. Group 4 Presents (Danielle, Anna, Ahmed)

Week 11 4/12Women and Movies on black board and on the blog.  Group 5 Presents (Jacqueline, Donka, Kiana)

Week 12 4/19 SPRING BREAK

Week 13 4/26 Independent Film and Media Group 6 Presents (Madelinem Shakira, Arirca, Sonya) Blog Post 5 Due


Course Guidelines

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***Readings are on the class Blackboard site.***
Please be sure you have access to the Blackboard site and can see the “Class Sessions” folder.Discussion guidelinesThe course material and discussions can often be provocative and challenging. We must therefore be careful to be respectful of each other and all of our viewpoints. No student shall ever be made to feel uncomfortable because of race, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

We must come to class prepared and ready to discuss the readings!! Please keep discussions focused on the readings and class materials and keep examples relevant and appropriate. If you have not done the readings you are not to participate in the discussion.

Please see this great list ofclassroom discussion guidelinesfor more guidance. It is also helpful that everyone in the course reviews several key terms that are crucial to the course material. Please review this important list of terms.