Naim Post 1

At a young age, I used to consume media like a young teenager would. I would watch television for long periods of time and then play video games for the remainder of the time. I studied little, but loved to go outside and play sports. As I entered college, I began to delve more into the studies of media — be it advertising or creative — and began to look at what I see with a different eye.

Nowadays, my media consumption is at its lowest. I rarely watch a full television show anymore. I watch some sports here and there, but scarcely. I believe that is due to how media is oversaturated today. Content is secondary to advertising, and not very profound at that. I use my computer for anything media now. Whatever strikes my curiosity, I google. I find it to be a more practical and active process than sitting in front of the television passively consuming whatever is thrown at you.



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