Women and Media: Diet Culture + Special K



My final project discusses the social construction of body issues in the media: with a specific focus on idealization and glorification of achieving thinness in the advertising campaign of Special K commercials “What will you gain when you lose?”; and the hypocrisy of their “More Than Just A Number” and “Shh….Stop the Fat Talk campaign.” My project will focus on the function and primary purposes of the diet industry in these commercials, and how their advertisements project the ideological framework of thin privilege.

In addition to creating a Tumblr especially for this project to better demonstrate my purpose, I created an 18 minute film that I uploaded on Youtube, where I talk about how diet companies such as Special disguise their motives in their advertising campaigns and slogans that are geared towards women. I also define the meaning of thin privilege in our society, as well as its contributions to fat phobia. I deal with my own struggles with body image and equating the food I eat with guilt, so it is extremely important for me to address the pervasive message of these advertisements towards all women.

How can a lowly box of fake nutrition garner such hatred and annoying, ranting banter from me? Watch this video and find out! 






Links to Youtube videos: on Tumblr.


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