Final Project- Siyu Liu

Final Project Summary

            The common depict of Miss America is about the beauty, glamour, how contestants look in gowns and swimsuits and then rewarding them with scholarships. The recent winner Nina Davuluri said, “Miss America is not only about that one night you see on television, which many people think it’s a glamorous job and I wear an evening gown all day. That’s very much not true, it’s very much a service-based job.” (Simone). “Her other duties entail public speaking and acting as National Goodwill Ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. She also is spokeswoman for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), since Davuluri is the first Miss America with a degree in brain behavior and cognitive science and plans to attend medical school.” (Simone)

            My project focuses on how Nina Devuluri was viewed and portrayed in the media right after she won the crown. Not only did she receive tons of twitter hate, calling her an “arab”, “terrorist”, and how Miss Kansas would have been a better winner because of her Caucasian features, but also how the main headlines on the news only focused on the derogatory comments she received. Not many people knew her background or academic success, or what she does outside the pageant if they did not bother to do the research.

            I took the form of a PowerPoint to display screenshots of the twitter hate and headline news, and also specific arguments and facts about this issue.

 Link to my project :

Video to an interview with Nina:


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