Final Project- Objectification of Women in Music Videos

My final project explores the way in which women are objectified in music videos, and points out the parallel between this and how women are treated in society. Through the various interviews that I conducted, I was able to conclude that the objectification of women in music videos is only getting worse. By compiling various clips of relevant music videos, I am able to show viewers just how rampant this issue is. In making the project, I wanted to explore how young women (the largest consumers of this media) are affected and influenced by this derogatory treatment of women. I did this by interviewing seven friends (some who live here, some in Georgia) and comparing the answers. I actually found through this that while the girls in New York claim to be unaffected by the objectification of women in media in their personal lives, the girls in Georgia pointed out several ways that the issue has influenced their lives.

The video is essentially a combination of various music video clips and interviews, with some interjections by me. I included in the video some quotes and ideas from a few of the writers we studied in class, including Jean Kilbourne, Douglas Kellner, and John Berger. I thought it was important to include this individuals because they are able to lend a more scholarly stance on the issue. By the end of the video, through the various media that I researched and interviews I conducted, I came to the conclusion that objectification can be stopped if artists focus more on equality than the putting down of one gender or another.



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