Naim Semester Project


The media is a vehicle used to inform as well as entertain the public. The media is a carrier of information, ideas, thoughts and opinions. It is a powerful force in influencing peoples perceptions on a variety of issues. The media can be both positive as well as negative in terms of the position and views of women as well as a powerful mechanism for education and socialisation. Although the media has played an important role in highlighting women’s issues, it has also had negative impact, in terms of perpetrating violence against women through pornography and images of women as a female body that can be bought and sold. Overall, the media treatment of women is narrow and continually reinforces stereotyped gender roles and assumptions that women’s functions are that of a wife, mother and servant of men.” Arpita Sharma

Women are portrayed inhumanly in western media today. Edited images of women are posted on huge billboards in the busiest cities. Younger women see those “perfect” images — according to the advertisers — of what a woman should look like. This creates internal conflict inside these young women and reduces their self-esteem which in turn leads to depression and blind following of what they are presented with.

My final project is an analysis of the portrayal of women in western media landscape today. I focus on three major media components: advertising media, news media, and print media. I go in depth with each component explaining how women are portrayed and I share some media that help bring the point home. I also bring in Islamic views on the matter. I explain how Islam sees a woman and how Islam protects the woman from the evil that is around. I hope that this project brings useful insight to the reader and I hope that the reader is able to take away something of value for the future.


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