BLog 5- Judy CHicago

Judy Chicago

Nothing is more sacred than profound knowledge but when it comes to bringing truth to the light, it can not only bring up so many questions in finding the answer it cannot only  free you but it can expand your universe as a result. You might wonder what I mean by this,  Well Judy Chicago give us a meaning to with her artwork. Judy Chicago is a feminist artist  she is well known for her collaborative art installation in the Brooklyn Museum “The Dinner Party” in which I personally saw and love it. It a feminist art work it a ceremonial banquet arranged on a triangular table with a total of thirty-nice plates setting.This art piece is a celebration to all the women’s in history that have fought or argue to make the recognition of women


A vaginal is a woman’s sexual and reproductive organ. which is important to male and female  As I observe in exhibits the table is set in a triangular form each side of the triangular had a colorful art painting of the inner vaginal,other side outer vaginal and finally a 3D vaginal. It a ceremonial banquet with thirty-nine place settings, which is commemorating an important women from history.On the floor times there the names of 999 women inscribed in gold on the floor tile which are on a triangular shape as well. It a very dark installation with little lights. This installation would be consider a feminist art-piece and how it helped empower women and helped them be seen as more than an object or somebody who is just there to take care of the home. Now let’s talk about how woman are seen today and how a few, or as I like to say, Many things have changed since the last few decades.  For example, today, women have more choice and power than ever before. Instead of shaping their lives as just wives or mothers, the role of women today have increased in fields such as health, law, government, and business. 


Judy Chicago also had meaningful art work one of my favorite is Womanhouse, created in Los Angeles by Chicago and Schapiro with the students of the Feminist Art Program, the first female-centered art installation. The exhibition was an instant sensation and its reverberations continue today. Birth project is an installation to celebrate woman’s role as mother. She also publish her first book, Through the Flower which is about her struggles to find her own identity as a women artist.A continuing project of Through the Flower, Birth Project art has been and is being gifted to museums, university galleries, birthing centers and hospitals as part of Through the Flower’s mission of introducing Feminist art into the culture

womanhouse1 Womanhouse


Judy Chicago is feminist activists that is educating the public with different ways artwork and the publishing of a book. People take thing for granted and not giving value to the things they have in everyday life. Relating back to my intro the exhibit brought light to the viewer of all the women in history and globally having a representation to their voice within their countries. Also you could say it helps cement an artistic legacy and artistic home for many feminist artist by the display that are present. It elevates and cultivates knowledge in artistic ways.


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