post 4: final project proposal

Final post:  The stereotype of a female in a telenovela. Where to begin sincerely there are too many stereotypes. First we have the poor defenseless uneducated female protagonist growing up in el barrio. Then we have the evil dramatic sexual female antagonist of the novella. These women are never given serious roles. Growing up my mother would watch these novelas and I will watch it with her and question why these women were always in some odd ball of a situation where they ended up in a love triangle. These novellas depict females as being melodramatic and with absolutely no control of their emotions. More so they always depict them as the damsel in distress always seeking the attention or involvement with men, giving the audience which are me you or our moms or grandmothers the idea that the approval of a man is needed. Im Latina and I’ve noticed that Latina women are portrayed in these novelas as bored line unrealistic. Hispanics actresses that dominate the screen time are closer to the American standard with blonde hair and blue eyes or the stereotype with dark hair and dark eyes keeping the Afro-Hispanics out of the TV’s focus. Despite plenty of efforts by Latin women in history as well as today telenovelas keep setting us back unless that changes females are gonna keep being portrayed in telenovelas as helpless over emotional vigorous uneducated creatures.

For my final project, I will created a short video exploring the representation of women in these telenovelas the different stereotype that are included I would be asking a few friends questions about the representation of women I would collect a clip from online of the action or specific scene they included. Through this media piece, I want to show the different opinion people have on telenovelas whether is positive or negative and many of the stereotype. I might have the people acted out on different scenes to make the piece a bit entertaining.

The different sources I would use

I told some of my friends to record themselves on their phone anticipating of one of the topic they would talk about and here what they said just a sneak peak






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