Final Project Proposal

For my final project I plan to create a video portraying the male gaze through something like a music video. It is going to be a play on how women are treated in real life and music videos as well as address how men are typically objectified in music videos by female artists. This is going to be an abstract piece that I envision where both men and women are struggling with objectification. I believe that the problem is not that women are constantly being objectified in music videos and so they feel the need to objectify men, I think that there should not be any objectifying at all. Women and men objectify each other in this day and age so I think it is important to portray that.

I have watched videos made by women over the years regarding being a woman or how it would feel to be a man as well as more recent parodies of women objectifying men. I think bell hooks’ piece from Black Looks: Race and Representation, discusses are race relations in regards to the male gaze but I think she also gives her audience a good sense of how everyone “gazes”, it is not sex specific.  The overall goal of this film will be to express how uncomfortable women feel when experiencing the gaze and the pressure of being a woman in today’s society as well as how the sexes can do more together rather than against each other.


bell hooks Black Looks: Race and Representation

Susan Douglas, Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female with the Mass Media



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