Final Project Proposal.

My final project will be an extensive slideshow, exploring the details of our new age of “raunch culture,” and it’s effects on young women.  Between the pressures of drinking from advertisements, TV shows, media as well as social media, alcohol consumption is being considered ‘laughable’ as well as a new ‘hobby’ of sorts for the youth.

For this, I will also be interviewing young women between the ages of 20-30 and their take on this rise of media fueled pro-boozing opinion in America.  The media, as we know, hits our ‘shame’ and our ‘self consciousness,’ as do ads implying that workingwomen always go out for a ‘celebratory drink’ if they’ve made accomplishments, or how you should ‘fear missing out’.  These ads imply you should be going out for drinks, as it is viewed in a positive light from the entire media world.  I believe there is an excess of drinking and partying in our generation, especially amongst college students, and I haven’t seen any eye opening films or documentaries or articles exploiting this issue, which is what I wish to achieve.

I want to create awareness to my audience that advertising and media is swaying your opinion on an activity that does not always create extremely positive results.

A List of References:

Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture. By Ariel Levy


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