Final Project Proposal

My final project is going to discuss the erasure of African American women in history. I want to mainly talk about Sojourner Truth, Ella Baker, and Shirley Chisom. I want to focus on the fact that these women made significant contributions to American history, but they are rarely ever talked about in history books. Sojourner Truth is known to be a historical figure, but not many know about her personal struggle for justice and the fact that she accomplished it. Ella Baker’s contribution as an activist is also a significant part of history that is often omitted. My biggest focus will be Shirley Chisom because I feel as though she blazed too large a trail for her to go unmentioned.

I am also hoping to make my project come full circle by mentioning today’s women such as Condoleeza Rice as well as Michelle Obama and analyzing how they will looked at many years from now. I am planning on making a blog for my final project and showing some documentary clips of these women as well.

Resources: ‘Shirley Chisom Unbought & Unbossed’

‘Ella Baker and Models of Social Change’
By Charles Payne

‘Demanding a Voice Among Pettifoggers: Sojourner Truth As Legal Actor’

By Christina Accomando

Michelle Obama:


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