Final Project Proposal- Siyu Liu

The issue of Miss America upraised as early as 1968 when New York Radical Women organized a protest outside of the Atlantic City Convention Center. One of the leaders of the protest, Robin Morgan said, “To win approval, we must be both sexy and wholesome, delicate but able to cope, demure yet titillating bitchy or should we say [ill-tempered] … Miss America and Playboy’s centerfolds are sisters under the skin.” (

“It seems as if the Miss America Organization is just as good as the pageant queens at hiding flaws or blemishes. No matter what the advertisements claim, the pageant hasn’t been around for the past 90 years because it puts very smart girls on a stage. It’s a beauty/femininity pageant with a pretty good prize, pure and simple.” (Litman)

The common depict of Miss America is about the beauty, glamour, how contestants look in gowns and swimsuits and then rewarding them with scholarships. The recent winner Nina Davuluri said, “Miss America is not only about that one night you see on television, which many people think it’s a glamorous job and I wear an evening gown all day. That’s very much not true, it’s very much a service-based job.” (Simone). “Her other duties entail public speaking and acting as National Goodwill Ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. She also is spokeswoman for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), since Davuluri is the first Miss America with a degree in brain behavior and cognitive science and plans to attend medical school.”

The problem is, who would know that about Davuluri if one does not some research? Because the media mainly focuses on her being the first Indian American winner and receiving hate for it from the public , “wrongly described as Muslim, Arab, Egyptian and blamed for terror attacks.”(Sengupta). During the pageant, she was judged by her physical looks, and off the pageant, she drew controversy about her race, and that has been the main issue in conversations and topics about Davuluri.

My Project will take the form of a PowerPoint.


Proposal Powerpoint Presentation :!180&authkey=!AB8WAbkQLBkatgM&ithint=file%2c.pptx

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