Final Project Proposal (Anna Walton)

My final project is going to cover the topic of nudity in pop culture. Through a compilation of several videos I will explain the difference between the ways nudity is perceived under the control of men and women. I will focus on a select few celebrities in the spotlight and analyze the difference between the ways they are targeted in the media. In particular, I will examine HBO’s Girls and Lena Dunham’s unconventional display of nudity on television. The controversy surrounding sex and nudity in Girls is undeniable and I think that it reveals several underlying insecurities in our culture. For example, consumers (of television) are only shown nudity in a provocative light, so when we see an average body unclothed, and a realistic sex scene, we are shocked and feel uncomfortable about it.

In my project I will also discuss the view of nudity in the music world. Music videos have made it the norm for popular artists to show beautiful, scantily clad people. However, our culture views these videos differently based on gender. Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors music video features several women posing in simply pantyhose and nude underwear as he dances around them. This music video is considered artistic, sophisticated, and classy. In contrast, Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball music video shows only Miley, as she sings sans clothing. This music video caused a mass hysteria across media when it was released back in August. The controversy was definitely heightened with Miley and Robin Thicke’s VMA performance, however, people still seemed to be only talking smack about Miley, not the 37-year-old man air humping her from behind.

The video will include various interview clips of celebrities discussing this gender issue of nudity, and an analysis via either voice over or essay.


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