Final Project Proposal [Adriana Gonzalez]

     For my final project I would like to focus on the representation of hispanic women in the media.  I want to talk about the few stereotypical roles that Hispanic women are able to play in movies and tv.  I plan to talk about Sofia Vergara’s character from Modern Family, and also discuss some of the backlash Eva Longoria’s show, Devious Maids, has received for the main characters roles in the show.  I’ve also begun reading for this project, The Dirty Girls Social Club by Alisa Valdes, which i would like to tie into my final project as well.  This novel shows another side to Hispanic women.  The lead characters are professional and successful women, opposing the images of hispanic women that we are used to seeing on tv shows and movies.  

     I would like to either create a video, with a compilation of scenes from shows/movies, or I would like to create a slide show featuring these scenes.  I would also like to include some interview clips from women in my life to see how they feel about the media’s portrayal of women.  I would like to ask if they have been able to find a character that more or less represents them, or that they can relate to. 


Resources: [includes an interesting video along with the article]

Dirty Girls Social Club:

Other Links:


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