Naim Semester Project Proposal

The media industry is a vast space of ideologies, facts, and concepts. These pieces need to be presented to the masses through either visuals, sound, or a combination of visuals and sound. In the early years of broadcasting, men seemed to have dominated the role of broadcaster. Later, women began to occupy the previously-male-only broadcasting positions. This shift to hire more females as broadcasters may not have been a global one, but now it is.

For my semester project I will build a website that will demonstrate the way in which women are portrayed in the media landscape. I’ll compare both western and eastern portrayals of women. I’ll stick only to western and eastern because those seem to be where the most stark contrasts/similarities lie. I will begin by using Google as my preliminary source of research. I am open to suggestion for any books or helpful articles that I can use. I will also refer to the readings to further explain ideas that I come across during my research, such as the role of patriarchy in these societies. I will include media that can bring more insight to the sub-topics I discuss. The website will contain profound information that will allow the visitor to fully grasp and understand the differences and the similarities between both ends of the spectrum.







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