Week 7 3/15 News Media and Ownership On Blog Group 2 Presents (Jessica, Elizabeth, Stephanie) Final Project Proposal due on Blog

Week 8 3/22 No Readings Due, WORK ON PROJECTS.  In class you will present from your Final Project Proposal post.

Week 9 3/29 Media and Motherhood Readings on Blackboard, Post 4 due,  Group 3 Presents (Siyu, William, Adriana)

Week 10 4/5 Alternative Media, Benedict reading on Blog. Group 4 Presents (Danielle, Anna, Ahmed)

Week 11 4/12Women and Movies on black board and on the blog.  Group 5 Presents (Jacqueline, Donka, Kiana)

Week 12 4/19 SPRING BREAK

Week 13 4/26 Independent Film and Media Group 6 Presents (Madelinem Shakira, Arirca, Sonya) Blog Post 5 Due


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