Blog Post 4 Due 4/5

Using references to the readings due for class, convey an understanding of women and minorities in the media industry. Research and discuss an alternative media organization or media source that is outside the mainstream message we have critiqued. Concentrate on messages by or for women specifically. The example can be local, national or international. Look to independent media in developing nations (newspapers for example) for interesting and inspiring examples. You can also choose to concentrate on a specific person. Be sure to explain the publication, film, project or online source in depth, explain it’s origins and WHY it is successful or necessary as an alternative (to mainstream) media source. What is the role of gender in this story?
You can choose to concentrate on news media, independent film or a number of new media examples. Be original, dig. Find something inspiring that we need to know about – if we don’t already.
5+ paragraphs. Images and links. Please do extensive research beyond what we have read in class and cite your findings appropriately.



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