Who am I? I feel as If this is a question that no one will ever be able to answer 100% accurately due to the fact that as the days pass, we as human beings continue to learn something new about ourselves everyday. As of now, I believe that I am young adult trying to find my niche. I am somewhat interested in zodiac signs and often relate my actions to my sign, and being that I am a Virgo I am undoubtedly very observant, opinionated, helpful, loving, and hardworking. I constantly browse the web all day, searching for new information on a variety of topics. A typical day for me consists of school, work music, and browsing the web. Last year during Lent I decided to take a break from all of my social networking pages, and surprisingly after the first two days it didn’t feel as if the task was as difficult as I thought it would be. This showed me that media can brainwash a person (me in particular) into thinking that without it their life would seem much more dull than it really is. As a young adult growing up in a time where media is taking over everything, I feel as if I play a huge role in media consumption.

Media is definitely an influential part of my life, as it is to many other individuals due to the fact that information is so easily transferred from person to person with the click of a button. In many ways, I believe that media can also be seen as the downfall for many personal relationships, due to the fact that everyone now depends on media to get their message across instead of the old fashion way of picking up the telephone, writing a letter, or simply speaking in person. These days, if a person wants to get a message to someone else, they log onto their social media account and send the message so that the whole world is able to view it, in addition the person that the message was meant for. I feel as if that particular action has bridged an even wider gap between society and social classes.




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