Readings Due 3/1 Project Topic Due Post 3 announced.

READINGS DUE (on Blackboard):
Advertising, Magazines and Women
4 short essays from Gender Race and Class in Media
Sex Lies and Advertising – Gloria Steinem Ms. Magazine
Beauty and the Beast of Advertising– Jean Kilbourne
Reading Images Critically – Douglas Kellner
Commodity Lesbianism – Danae Clark
-Anthony Cortese, Constructed Bodies, Deconstructing Ads Sexism in Advertising
-Naomi Wolf , Culture from The Beauty Myth
Two tweets this week
Semester project topic due printed and handed-in
2 paragraphs explaining your semester project idea as well as any research and resources you expect you use.
(Full semester project proposal and resources will be due 3/15)
POST 3 DUE 3/22
Using all of your readings, class discussions and additional research develop a short essay addressing advertising images and the sexism, racism and power hierarchies found in so many of these. What is the purpose of these images? What unintended effects might these pervasive images have or reflect? Is popular culture found in these? Learned? Critiqued? In addition to this analysis find or construct an alternative to these mainstream images and explain why it is different. Carefully draw out advertising strategies and goals and provide alternative paths for the industry or alternative anti-advertising messages.
5-6 paragraphs. Include citations of the readings in your post, images and links to relevant resources.

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