Who Does She Think She Is – Anna W.

Who does she think she is?! It’s a common phrase thrown at girls who act with a sense of boldness or fearlessness. Well, maybe she really does believe she’s amazing. Maybe the issue is that we as women have put our bodies under such scrutiny, that we feel uncomfortable and threatened we see somebody who actually loves herself.

Pop culture and the media’s unreasonable expectations for girls force us to examine and shame ourselves, consequently defeating any bit of confidence we have. Society has an idea of beauty, and that idea is repeatedly pushed on us via ads, magazines, and even television. I feel like women are looked at as a blob of consumers who just buy whatever is in style, whatever society tells them to buy. Society determines certain ways we should act and jobs we should do, which makes us seem more like robots than individuals.

I have begun to feel lost in this world. Who do I think I am? I don’t know, I’m 20 years old, I’m barely an adult..should I know who I am? Daughter, friend, student, intern, waitress, roommate, are all words that identify me, but they are not me. My thumbprint is an eternal reminder that I am the only me. I have a purpose and I want so badly to stop acting how I am told to act and saying what I am told to say as a young woman in society. It’s all just getting in the way of the real me. Insecurity usually overpowers confidence for me, thanks to society’s standard of beauty. It’s something that I have been really working on for over a year…but it’s more difficult than it sounds.

No matter what I end up doing, no matter where I end up going, my goal is to just be the transparent, confident, and true me.



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