Who do you think you are? – William Zhu

Having lived in New York (state) for most of my life, I’m surrounded by media. As much as I try to be an active and selective consume of commodities and media, it is more often easier to be passive and receptive instead because our culture is inundated by so many products. While I’m not an active media maker or a prominent one, I tend to lean towards writing and stories, whether it be creating or consuming them. There is something remarkable about the imagination and its ability to create entire worlds and characters in the abstract. Fantasy and fiction are based on experiences both real and imagined, and stories give us a platform to express this. Although recent years have seen a shift towards more visual media such as gifs and images, both traditional and newer forms of mediums usually have a message embedded in them in one form or another. This message can be as simple as the depiction of a cat or still life or as complex as a political statement. Hence, whether it is a canvas painting in acrylic, a 600 page novel, a film or a music video, I believe that the medium is only as effective as the statement which guides it. 


Download wallpaper imaginaerum,  nightwish,  boy,  window free desktop wallpaper in the resolution 1920x1280 — picture №421578


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