Who Do You Think You Are?– Steph S.

Who do I think I am? Well, that is one loaded question to say the least. I do not think that I have the answer to that question just yet. Currently, I am a lot more defined by the things I do rather than what/who I actually am. I am a student, I am a reader, I am an intern, an office assistant etc. All these things are great, but I am in pursuit of figuring out who I am if all those things are to be taken away, and I think that part of me is still in progress and will remain so until I retire… maybe.

I am however, an avid media consumer. The first thing I do in the morning is reach for my phone. Literally! Before I have my breakfast, before I get dressed for school and even before I take a shower, the first thing I do is check my Instagram. As I get ready for school, most of the time I am perusing online to see of anything interesting happened while I was asleep. I have noticed that I now have a nightly routine in which I make my rounds and go through news and gossip websites.  I want to make entertainment journalism a career and so I am excused.

One thing that I have noticed on the large entertainment news shows such as E! News and Entertainment Tonight is that there is a consciousness in trying to employ diversity. About three years ago, news anchors were almost type casted; they were mainly blonde and most came from Caucasian backgrounds. Now, we see Rocsi Diaz who is Honduran on Entertainmet Tonight as well as Terrence J and Alicia Quarles on E! News who are both of African American descent.

What I find interesting is the fact that I never noticed the absence of people of color in these shows until I started taking media classes. The fact that entertainment reporters were mostly white women, with long blonde hair was so normal that I never thought it could be any other way. I am glad that there is now a blossoming of entertainment journalists of color!



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