Who Do I Think I Am? (Jacqueline Amjadi)

I first and foremost like to think of myself as creative – as an artist. Furthermore, I believe there is an art to media. No matter if it’s a song, a video, a novel or a painting – expression and communication is meaningful.

As a young girl, I would create media in the form of drawings and short stories – letting my imagination take the reigns. Yet, being a teenager of the Facebook, iPhone, and TMZ generation, I found myself not having time for the imaginative anymore. Bombarded by media from every direction, I was not capable of appropriately filtering. Every decision I made was sadly dependent on what others thought of me, and gossip spread way to quickly for my liking.

These days, I am coming out of said media-haze. I have recognized and accepted the fact that there is definitely something wrong when what I need to relax at the end of the day is an episode of The Real Housewives.

I intend to produce media instead of passively consuming it, even if in the beginning that means as little as a journal entry. For ages, the female artist narrative has been largely untold due to male artist domination. Many women even disguised their names in order to be respected creators. Why can’t I too challenge myself to create the media I want to see?




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