Who I Think I Am. Danielle Pate

I am a product of the media.  I am a bar on the bar code taped to the brand “young adults of America”.  I am a note in the song during a man-made advertisement sexually assaulting every sense you’re humanly capable of.  A song that blares from the surround sound speaker’s that wash over you, helping you drown in gossip, politics and scripted reality TV, anything to avoid that strange thing called life.  I believe my role in media consumption is what keeps media alive.  Though I am just one person, it only takes one person to spread to the masses, isn’t that the universal glory behind the world of media?  The ability to spread information quickly to large amounts of people.  I see the immense importance of what the media was and can be, i.e., when the world saw the truth behind the Vietnam War, from their TV screens, in their plush living rooms.  Though today, it seems as if we ARE the information that is spreading, due to social networks like facebook, that sends literally pictures of your face and a timeline of your entire life all over the planet, for anyone’s eyes that feel like looking.  These are our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that we tweet; WE are keeping Twitter Earth in constant orbit with every post 140 characters or less.  We are the media, we know what we want to see, so we post videos of it on YouTube, write blogs about it on blogspot, give bad reviews on Yelp, forewarning future consumers. We want funny, we want crazy, we want new, we want want want, and more will never be enough.  I am a twenty something, birthed and raised by Mother Media.

tv heads



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