Who do I think I am – Siyu Liu

I am a normal college student like no other. I have ambitions and a dream career that I hope to achieve one day. I am a shopaholic and a foodie. It is always hard to not shop and try out different restaurants / cuisines in a city like New York!

As a child, I only watched television as a form of media consumption. My family had the oldest dell and I wasn’t ever allowed to go on the computer. I spent most of my time outside running around and playing with my neighbors. I remember playing the game snake on my mom’s old flip phone once or twice but that was it.

In middle school when Myspace and Aim messenger were popular, I was only using them for one hour daily or every other day because my dad forced a “computer usage limit” on me. Which was great since I never procrastinated on homework.

In high school, I started consuming media a lot more than usual. Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram etc. However when college started and when I finally owned a smartphone, I would refresh my instagram, facebook, tumblr way too often since there would be wifi at home, in school, cafes, and if not, I would waste my data just to see what’s the latest photo or status update. I’m working on fixing this issue.




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