who do I think i am? Anircia taveras


As a young girl I’ve always been a thick growing up I would  watching different cartoons which many of the any of the girls character were very slim by comparing myself to what I would see in television made me feel out of place I felt as if my type of body didn’t exists in the media outlets. As I growing up into my teenager’s years I kept on being more exposed to this ad’s of unrealistic body. Then I got to understand something wasn’t wrong with me it just a way that big cooperation want to sell out their products. One of my favorite things to do is watch movies and still there were not many big females in movies and if there was there were the joke of the movie or series. Yes it was easy to see a thick man but a female was hard to find in films.


I thank my parent for making me aware that I was beautiful just the way I was which when kids would of made fun of me I would always stand up and avoid any bulling. Society has change over the years when it comes to thick people as we could see many stores have plus size clothing and ad with women a lil bit bigger than usual .I’ve been inspired to created film about women body and women issue this inspiration comes from one of my favorite movies “itty bitty titty committee” by Jamie Rabbit the overall meaning of the film is amazing it speak about the different issue relating to female and male equality and other issues. During High School I did not let media outlets get to me yes you see ad everywhere but I guess it was the way people approach it.To society you might be mean something but what you truly are comes within yourself. Your worthy for who you are, not what body type you have.


In completion of this course I would hope to have a better understanding of how women in the media are portrayed. This class would be very helpful on how I would be developing films in the future with greater meaning to try to break out of the  different stereotype’s that women are being oppressed.













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