Who Am I?(Jessica M.)

I wish I knew who I was. All I know is that I’m a girl, 20 years old, and completely lost. Sometimes I don’t know what I  want to do with my life but I know I want to pursue some sort of career in media. I think my main interest in  media started when I realized how I was completely surrounded by it (It’s EVERYWHERE ). I currently have 5 social networking accounts, some of which I use more than others, and I am easily entertained by my television. And yes I do believe that sometimes I am easily influenced by what I am exposed to, especially when I was younger.

Growing up with a television in almost every room, I became aware of how completely different I looked from the girls that were featured on t.v shows, whether it was an American show or a novela. I was also exposed to this difference through magazines and posters that a passed on my way to school. As a young girl my mother always told me that I was a pretty girl and she liked me the way I was and as a young girl I just nodded and went along with her words. But even her words didn’t stop the nagging in the back of my head that told me I wasn’t pretty enough or thin enough to be considered attractive because the girls in the ads didn’t look anything like me.

People always tell you should look at your body in a positive light and should consider yourself beautiful regardless of your flaws. But sometimes that’s hard when girls on posters, billboards, ads, magazines, and  television all look completely different from you. You see statuesque, slender, flawless, glossy beings and think “that’s how I should look”. Yet when you look at yourself in the mirror, its nothing like that and now you feel the need to change, to lose weight, and buy countless number of products that have no effect on you. I tried to change my self by eating less and wearing makeup but I still felt insecure about myself. I realized as I got older that I was never going to look like the models on the ads but every now and then I feel like insecure about my body.

At this age I feel that through all the social networking sites we use, individuals are able to voice their opinions and their displeasure towards companies who photoshop their models. Companies are also able to create campaigns that encourage women to embrace their flaws by using models that differ in body types and who themselves have flaws. Slowly beauty standard is starting to change and the models on ads are starting to look more like average people.



Body is a temple


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