(Jose C) Who Do You Think You Are? / Mama

I am Jose, avid media consumer of the digital kind.

I said in class the other day that I do not use any social networking sites like Facebook or twitter or instagram, but that was only half-true. I will admit to using the blogging site tumblr.

While tumblr can be used for social networking purposes to share the doldrums of day-to-day existence with friends[?] and family, I use it to explore and expose myself to a variety of visual and auditory media that appeals to me. Whether it’s music, concert footage, humor, images of paintings and fashion, news about video games and anime, everything from my passions to the outer fringes of my interests and otherwise is personally curated into a series of content that is selectively filtered to suit my tastes.

I realize it can sound like a relatively insular media world I engage with, it’s important to consider that each blog I follow is managed by a person and not a machine, so unless it’s a specifically themed blog (finalfantasythings.tumblr.com posts exclusively Final Fantasy-related content), there is often a degree of unpredictability of what can and is shared and posted. Though admittedly, even the volatile nature of human-curated blogs can be moderated by the larger tastes trends making the rounds in that sub-section of the internet. For example, while I am free to post anything on my own blog, as of lately I have been primarily sharing photography of city skyscrapers at night. It can be reasoned that the people who currently follow my blog have come to expect that sort of content, perhaps even feeding to the idea that I must continue posting that kind of content to appease my followers. A limited degree of interaction and sociality can be inferred by that expectation between content blogger and follower.

Follow me on twitter: @ModernTiming.


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