Who Do I Think I Am?

This is a question that I have often posed to myself.  It’s difficult for me to state who exactly I think i am.  I can tell you who I want to be.  I want to be an empathic and understanding member of the human race, who does not just think of herself, and I want to be the kind of woman who will always be there for her friends and family.

Growing up, I would always get lost in the world of my television shows.  I spent countless hours laying in my bed absorbing everything i could from them.  For so many years, I thought I wanted to be the girls/women that i saw in these shows.  I loved everything about them.  Their clothes, hair, attitude, etc.  One day the illusion of it all hit me.  These women weren’t real.  Why should I want to be someone who isn’t real?  This is when i started looking at the real women in my life, and I started to want to be more like them.  I have some pretty amazing women in my life.  I have a brilliant stepmother, who can always make me laugh.  I have an amazing and passionate older sister, who always thinks of others instead of herself, and my mother is probably the strongest person I know.  She has worked so hard and sacrificed so much for me, and would gladly do so over and over. So, who do I think I am?  I’d like to think that I am a combination of these three pretty incredible women. 




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